When Love Hurts

a guide for girls on love, respect and abuse in relationships

Being in love is supposed to feel great. But sometimes it just feels confusing. What can you do if you are being abused or controlled in a relationship?

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It's time to get more information.

There are various services available to help you.
We've compiled a list of relevant information that you can read to feel more informed about domestic violence.

Disability Abuse

Many people who are being cared for are abused. If you are suffering the signs of abuse please visit our Disability section for more information. Unfortunately abuse occurs to people in all walks of life, and those with disabilities are not off limits. In fact having a disability may make you more vulnerable. It's important that you choose an appropriate disability service provider for your disability care.

Know The Law

We've compiled a list of important law reforms that can effect those suffering from Domestic Violence.
Domestic Violence can be especially hard on families. If you are suffering the effects of domestic violence please contact an appropriate family law service as well as an experienced team of family lawyers like those found at Loukas Law to help with your seperation

Be Safe Online

The rise of technology has seen an increased chance of vulnerability online - our IT support partners have compiled an online safety checklist.

More Information

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When Love Hurts

When Love Hurts


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